“Quality Education in the LIGHT of God’s Word”

Donate Your Change

Ready to give your spare change?

Today, when you go to the grocery store, dine at a restaurant or make a purchase with a checking or PayPal account or credit/debit card, you can be giving to Greater Beckley Christian School. When you sign up to create a Donate Your Change RoundUp Giving account and direct your giving to us, you’ll give automatically every time you spend.

We love the easy, organic, ongoing quality of DYC RoundUp Giving. We believe you’ll love how easy it is to give without giving up control. You give as much as you want. You set the limits. You change your setup features as often as you like to accommodate your giving.

You enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you give a little every time you spend to support our mission and work.

If each of our families, alumni and friends creates a Donate Your Change RoundUp Giving account and rounds up just $1 a day for one year, we’ll raise about $100,000.

Your spare change will help fund technology upgrades, curriculum upgrades and further development of music and art programs for elementary through high school students.

To sign up visit our page here.

Give a little.
Help provide quality education in the light of God’s word.