“Quality Education in the LIGHT of God’s Word”


Athletics at GBCS

The purpose of our athletic program is to support the mission and goals of Greater Beckley Christian School (GBCS). In order to do this all involved in the program (including coaches, student-athletes, parents, school administration) are to carry out their duties in a biblical manner.

We must consciously think and perform God’s way through the empowering of the Holy Spirit. GBCS athletics strives to develop Christian values and character in the student-athlete. We must be controlled by the Holy Spirit and not controlled by the sinful nature (Eph 5:18). This is not something that comes naturally; being controlled by the Spirit is an act of obedience.

Our approach to athletics must stem directly from our Christian philosophy of education. Our primary goal is to develop the spiritual part of the athlete so that the Holy Spirit is in control and directing his or her mind and body. (1 Thes 5:23)

“Winning” for the Christian school means much more than out-scoring the opponent. In Christian athletics, winning means doing everything (practice and warm-up as well as competition) in a way that honors the Lord (Col 3:17) and doing everything heartily, as unto the Lord (Col 3:23). Winning, then, is measured by a different standard, not just the scoreboard but in the heart of the coach and athletes.

Winning and losing is based not on a “now-centered” perspective, exhibited in the win-loss record, but on an eternal perspective. This is evidenced by achieving victory in the spiritual realm through demonstrating a Christ honoring testimony, persevering through difficult situations, winning or losing the contest with dignity, and treating opponents with respect.

Sports Offered


Elementary Basketball
Elementary Volleyball
Middle and High School Girl’s VolleyBall
Middle and High School Boys and Girls Cross Country


Middle and High School Boys and Girls Basketball


Middle and High School Boys Baseball

Sports planning on offering in the future:

Co-Ed Soccer in the Fall