“Quality Education in the LIGHT of God’s Word”


Justin M. Arvon, BBA, BC


Mr. Arvon is a 2005 Graduate of GBCS. He is an Alumni of Appalachian Bible College and Marshall University. He has worked in both the public and private sector. He comes from a long line of educators here in West Virginia. He has served at the school as a coach since 2014 and as Athletic Director since 2022.

Mr. Steve J. Cuthbert, MA, BS

Secondary Principal

Mr. Cuthbert is an Alumni of Marshall University and began teaching at GBCS in the fall of 1992. He has 31 years of teaching and administrative experience. In addition to his teaching and administrative duties, "Mr. C" heads up the History/Social Studies and Bible programs here at GBCS.

Mrs. Connie L. Harvey, BS (ELA)

Director of Student and Staff Success

Mrs. Harvey is an Alumni of Concord University and began teaching at GBCS in the fall of 1997. She has taught English at GBCS for her entire tenure and has has taken on administrative duties as well. Mrs. Harvey heads up the ELA Department as well as directs parents and staff with guiding students towards their academic progression goals.

Mrs. Greta M. Dick, BTh

Elementary Director

"Mrs. D" is an Alumni of Appalachian Bible College with a degree in Biblical Theology and Biblical Counseling. She has been with GBCS since 2019. She directs the day to day activities and staff of our elementary program. She also teaches classes at GBCS ranging from Middle School Literature to Elementary level classes.

Davis, Abby

Elementary Teacher

Dodd, Jane

Adjunct Faculty, Trigonometry

Graham, Rebekah

Middle School/High School Teacher

Haga, Tavie

Elementary Office Secretary

Kostenko, Nick

Elementary Teacher

Krissy Ross

Elementary Teacher

Lawson, Sandra

Main Office Secretary

Lawson, Scott

Middle School/High School Math

Lewis-Payne, Kathy

Middle School/High School Teacher

Niven, Patricia

Elementary School Teacher

Patterson, Charity

Main Office Manager

Price, Sherry

Middle School Teacher

Shaw, Russell

High School Teacher

Sizemore, Ashley

Middle School/High School English & Electives

Warden, Carol

Elementary School Teacher

Wilson, Joshua

Middle School/High School Technology

Zulauf, Stephanie

Elementary Teacher