Maynor, Amy

Preschool Director

Adkins, Susie

Preschool Teacher

Mitchell, Kim

Preschool Teacher

Giles, Heather

Preschool Teacher

Jones, Krista

Preschool Teacher

Ross Krissy

Preschool Aid




It is the purpose of Greater Beckley Christian Schools’ Wonderfully Made Preschool to provide a quality academic education incorporated with a Christian view of God and the world, and presenting all truth as God’s truth. We desire to provide a warm spiritual atmosphere where students see Biblical values modeled. Each student will be challenged to live a life in fellowship with God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, and a life of service and witness to men. We believe that the education of children is the God-given responsibility of parents, and that the school is to function as an extension of the home to meet this obligation.
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