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International Students

International Student Program

Greater Beckley Christian School welcomes applications from International students, grades 8-12 who desire to learn and grow in a Christ-centered, academically challenging, college preparatory program. Greater Beckley Christian appreciates and values the diversity International students bring to the school environment. GBCS recognizes the knowledge gained from the interaction with those from different backgrounds and cultures increases understanding, enhances the learning experience, and enriches all involved.

Greater Beckley Christian school has been in existence since 1973 and is fully accredited with ACSI Association of Christian Schools International) and approved by the WVDOE (West Virginia Department of Education). It is also a SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) approved school. Greater Beckley has hosted international students from France, Italy, China, Congo, the Dominican Republic, and Scotland.

International Student Requirements

  • The following requirements must be met before an international student can be fully approved for admission to Greater Beckley Christian School.
    1. Academic Requirements Considered for Acceptance
      Minimum US equivalent of a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in all core classes (Language Arts, History, Math, and Science); Students must be on track to graduate
    2. English Language Proficiency Exam Requirements
      Students must submit TOEFL or other English Exam Proficiency results.
      Students that score a 60 or above on the TOEFEL are exempt from required ELL support.
    3. International Student Application for Admission Submit the completed application and $250 application fee to Admissions
      Be sure all checklist items are included.
      Student transcripts which include the previous two years’ grades
      Standardized test results from current USA school (if applicable)
      TOEFL or other English Proficiency Test results
      Birth certificate and/or passport
      Immunization records
      Academic and psycho-educational test results (if applicable)
    4. Principal application review and interview
      Once a completed application is received and processed in Admissions, the application will be ready for principal review.
      A telephone or Skype interview may be required for all applicants living outside the United States
      A decision will be communicated by the Principal or Admissions department
    5. Following the Principal interview, those students who have been accepted for enrollment have 2 weeks to pay the tuition deposit fee of $3,000. After the tuition deposit has been paid, Greater Beckley Christian School will issue an I-20.
    6. Homestay arrangements will be made by Greater Beckley Christian School.

Tuition and Fees for International Students Amount (2019-20)

Annual International Student Tuition for Grades 8-12 $26,500*
Application Fee (per student) $250
*Includes $3,000 tuition deposit to be paid within 2 weeks of acceptance.
Remainder of Tuition can be paid through either Option 1 or Option 2
Option 1 Remaining $23,500 paid in full by Aug. 1, 2019 and receive a 10% discount.
Option 2 Pay $11,750 by Aug1 and second Payment of $11,750 by Dec. 20,2019

Note: Greater Beckley Christian School will consider International students for financial assistance.

Tuition Includes:

  • Homestay
  • Health and accident insurance
  • Textbooks and materials
  • Weekly tutoring
  • One-on-one college guidance
  • New student orientation
  • Daily lunch and cafe snacks
  • Weekly international student meetings
  • Field trips
  • Athletics and fine arts fees
  • Yearbooks

Important Visa Information

The Designated School Official (DSO) will not issue an I-20 until both of the following requirements have been met:

  1. The principal has approved the application for admission
  2. The $3,000 tuition deposit has been received

Note: Greater Beckley Christian School is required by U.S. Federal law to determine through written application that the student is qualified academically, linguistically and meets all entrance requirements for admission. Do not schedule your interview appointment with the U.S. Embassy until admission has been approved and an I-20 has been issued.

Once you have completed the Embassy interview, please contact the Admissions Department with the results and to notify us about your plans for arrival. For further information about the International Student Program at Greater Beckley Christian School, please contact the School Office.